Accessibility Plan
We aim to develop a culture of inclusion and diversity in which people feel free to disclose their disability and can participate fully in school life.
Allegations of Abuse
Our aim is that any allegation of abuse made against a member of staff or a volunteer that works at our school should be dealt with fairly, quickly, with effective protection for the student and with support for the member of staff or volunteer.
Northstar New School is a multi-cultural and diverse learning environment at the heart of the community. We promote care and respect and expect high standards in all aspects of school life.
Anti-Cyber Bullying
This school believes that all people in our community have the right to teach and learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied. We believe that every individual in school has a duty to report an incident of bullying whether it happens to themselves or to another person.
Assessment and Monitoring
To ensure effective tracking of pupil progress Northstar New School has planning guidelines, effective assessment and recording procedures in place to support pupil's learning and self-evaluation.
Regular school attendance has always been important. Without it the efforts of the best teachers and the best schools will come to nothing. This policy sets Northstar New School procedures for pupil's attendance.
Promoting positive behaviour in all pupils attending Northstar New School ensures that a stable and secure environment is achieved and effective learning can take place whilst the pupils are made to feel safe and respected during their learning experiences. The school recognises that the pupils attending may be experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in their lives and therefore additional support may at times be required.
British Values
The DfE have reinforced the need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” With this policy, Northstar New School intends to reinforce those values.
This is policy is intended to ensure that every parent/carer and pupil involved in Northstar New School understands our policy and has access to an informal and formal procedure that supports and enables them to raise concerns or complain about any aspect of our school and service.
The aims and values of Northstar New School Curriculum are focused on maximising every individual’s potential to develop into a confident, secure, well-adjusted and skilled young person who will make a positive contribution to society and live as independent a life as possible.
Data Protection
Northstar New School needs to collect and use certain types of information about staff, students and other individuals who come into contact with the school in order to operate. This policy determines what information we collect and how it's managed.
Equality & Diversity
Northstar New School is committed to preventing discrimination, valuing diversity, promoting equality and dignity at work and achieving equality of opportunity for all staff, governors, volunteers, trainees, job applicants and contractors.
This policy deals with the procedures and practice which informs the school’s use of exclusion. It is underpinned by the shared commitment of all members of the school community to achieve important aims.
First Aid
Northstar New School will ensure that appropriate first aid arrangements are in place for our children, staff and any visitors to our premises. This includes providing sufficiently trained employees for our needs and maintaining an adequate supply of first aid equipment.
Health & Safety
The general aims of these policy statements are accepted and the arrangements set out are designed to implement the general aims of Northstar New School.
Lone Worker
The general aims of these policy statements are accepted and the arrangements set out are designed to implement the general aims of Northstar New School.
Preventing Extremism & Radicalisation
This Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Safeguarding Policy is one element within our overall school arrangements to Safeguard and Promote the Welfare of all Children.
Safeguarding & Child Protection
At Northstar New School we understand that our responsibility to safeguard children requires that we all appropriately share any concerns that we may have about children.